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Light it up!

Light it up!

Seeing your garden lit up at night, can give you that real wow factor!
Lighting can draw the eye to something special, it can lead you to another
focal point in your garden and can create a new visual or picture to one that is during the day.
Garden lights have come a long way from simply lighting up or down.
With the new LED strip lighting we can now fill a space with any colour you like.
You can simply select from a colour chart on you remote control, there are no expensive installation fees from electricians for inside switches or power points.
Running LED lights at night is now also more economical with most lights dragging 5 Watts to 8 Watts each,making your power bill much cheaper.
All lighting is 12 vault and runs from a transformer with a light sensor which can control your lights to come on when the sun goes down.
Lighting is something to definitely consider for your next garden project.

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